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Westman InfiniTV Amino FAQs

With Westman InfiniTV, you can enjoy Westman Live TV, Video on Demand (VOD), and recordings of your favourite TV shows.

** Note, the Westman InfiniTV Amino set-top box does not include access to the Google Play store, and therefore, streaming services such as Disney+ are not available.

The easiest way to get Westman InfiniTV is by visiting our website by clicking here. You can fill out a form at the bottom of the page to sign up today! The Westman InfiniTV set-top box is owned by Westman Communications Group and rented to you month-by-month

**Note, InfiniTV is currently only available in select locations.

An appointment will be set up with you to get your InfiniTV set-top box installed in your house within the next 3-7 business days, based on availability. One of our friendly Technicians will come and install it in your house then walk you through the important steps and features so you'll get the most out of your InfiniTV experience.

You will have access to enjoy Westman Live TV, Video on Demand, and your recordings.

Note, the Westman InfiniTV Amino set-top box does not include access to the Google Play store, and therefore, streaming services such as Disney+ are not available.

We have two nDVR storage packages available for you. There is an option to record up to 150 hours or 350 hours.

Yes. The InfiniTV Whole Home experience extends throughout your home so you can easily record, share and access your entire library of entertainment from any room in your home! You can add two, three or more set-top boxes for your bedroom, kitchen, den or basement – and the Whole Home experience is complete! It is the easiest way to record programming the whole household will enjoy.

We want to help you create the perfect home with the ideal amount of InfiniTV boxes in your house. You can get up to five InfiniTV set-top boxes in your house!


To access the Features Bar on your InfiniTV, select the "Settings/Menu" button.

My InfiniTV, under the Features Bar on the left-hand side, gives you a visually rich poster art layout. This design makes it easier to find your favourite programming! Here you will find categories such as Continue Watching, Most Watched On Demand, live TV Recommendations, Recent Searches, and more!

The grid-style TV guide displays channel numbers, show titles, and the network making it easy to find your favourite TV show. There are two easy ways to access your Live TV Guide:

  1. Select the "Guide" button on your remote to take you directly to your Live TV guide.
  2. Select "Settings/Menu" button on your remote to pull up your Features Bar. Then, on the Features Bar, you can also select "Live TV Guide" to display your guide listings.

You can rewind a live TV show as it is airing. If you’ve elected to rewind live TV, you can Fast Forward back to the point in which you are watching live again.

*This feature is not available with EVO PRO 4K equipment.

All Live TV will time out after 24 hours if there is no user interaction. Much like other TV platforms, InfiniTV will assume you’re snoozing or away from the TV. A message will pop up asking you if you are still watching. If you are, select OK on your remote to continue watching. If nothing is selected, it will enter standby mode. If your TV is off and you haven’t been watching for more than 24 hours, when you turn your TV back on, you will notice a screen saver. To continue watching TV, press any button on your remote. Selecting “Menu” or “Guide” will also wake your TV up from its slumber.

To quickly scroll through the Live TV guide, press and hold the up or down navigation arrow. After a moment, the channels will scroll at ultra-fast speed.

Yes, you can create a favourites list on the InfiniTV box. To create a “Favourites” list, follow the following steps:

  1. Press the "Settings/Menu" button. Scroll to the Live TV Guide area, look for the Favourite List Icon.
  2. Press on "Create" and scroll down to see all the available channels for you to pick from.
  3. Once you find the channel you want to add to your Favourites List, simply select it, and a heart icon will display beside the channel. Repeat this process until you have chosen all the channels you want to add to your Favourites List.
  4. Once you are done creating your list, press "Update."

To find your Favourite List, press the "Settings" button. Then, once you see the Favourites List icon again, scroll all the way to the left. The last icon in the bar will be your Favourites List.

Yes, you can filter your grid-style guide to display certain categories such as sports, news and more! From the Features Bar, scroll down to the Live TV Guide. There's a selection of filters to help you find what you're looking for faster. For example, if you only want to search for Movies, select that category, and then you'll only see Movies listed in your grid-style guide. There are many choices such as News, PPV, Sports etc. To filter categories quickly, press the "Guide" button on your remote repeatedly to show movie channels only and other categories such as news and sports.

Press the "Back" button on your remote when watching Live TV to bring up your recently watched list. Then, press the "D" button while your recently watched list is on the screen to clear it. Or, while watching Live TV, press the "Back" button to bring up recently watched TV.

Yes, you can pause Live TV for five minutes before the show will start playing again automatically. Pausing from more than 5 mins on a live channel, you will jump to real-time when you resume.

While navigating in the grid-style guide, press the "D" button on your remote to jump to the current "Now" time.

You will only be able to see the channels you are subscribed to.


With Westman InfiniTV, you have the freedom to restart shows in progress with Restart TV.

  1. While in the guide, highlight a selection and then press the "Info" button. If the Restart symbol is present, you can use the "Restart" feature.
  2. Click "OK/SEL" on the symbol to watch it.
  3. Press "Exit" to hide the menu options


With Westman InfiniTV, you have the freedom to go back in time to watch a show with Lookback TV.

  1. Scroll back in time on your grid-style guide, using the left navigation on your InfiniTV remote.
  2. Select your desired program* highlighted in grey on your grid-style guide.
  3. Select "Enter" twice to bring up show details.
  4. Select "Play" to watch your show

*Restart, Lookback, fast-forward, and rewind are available only on select channels.

While it is different for every channel, you can go back up to 72 hours on select channels.

You will not be able to fast-forward to skip commercials while using Restart or Lookback functionality.

On the Features Bar, select "Recordings" from the list of options. Here you will find your recorded series and scheduled recordings. You can record a show or movie when you are in the "Live TV Guide" by choosing the show or movie you wish to record and then clicking "Record" or "Series Record." For example, if you are watching a live show and you want to record it, click "OK" to select the show and then "OK" again to display options and then select "Record."

Shortcut: Press the red "Record" button on your remote to instantly record what you are currently watching.

Westman InfiniTV allows you to catch up on your favourite TV shows, as you can record multiple shows at once and peace of mind that you can watch them anytime for up to one year!

In your InfiniTV Features Bar, go to "Recordings." Select the program you want to delete, then "OK." Next, select the "Delete Recording" option (trash can icon) and "OK." It will prompt you to confirm if you want to delete it. Select your choice of yes or no and press "OK." In that same menu, you may see other options such as: "Hide Episodes," "Play Recording," "Play All," "Edit Series Recording," "Cancel Series Recording," "Delete Season Recordings," "Delete All." Note that only the "Delete Episode" option will display if it's not a series recording.

In your Features Bar, go to "Recordings”, then to “To Record”. Select the scheduled program or series you want to cancel, then "OK." Next, select the "Cancel Series Recording" or "Cancel Recording" icon and "OK." It will prompt you to confirm if you want to cancel the scheduled program or series recording. Select your choice of yes or no and press "OK." In that same menu, you may see other options such as: "Hide Episodes," "Edit Series Recording," "Skip Episode." Note that only the "Delete Episode" option will display if it's not a series recording.

Yes, you can watch a show as it is being recorded; you can also watch any show while other shows are being recorded.

A recorded sporting event or awards show, for example, is recorded for the hours that it is scheduled to be on TV. If the Winnipeg Jets are on the TV guide from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm, it will record those exact hours. If the game goes into overtime and goes past 9:00 pm, it will not continue to record the game. We suggest that you also schedule the show to run after the game to record, so you won't miss it if it goes over the scheduled time.

You can set up an evening of perfect TV watching by utilizing the Autotune feature. You can select any show in the future and press the Autotune button. You can do this with as many shows as you wish, as long as they don't overlap with each other. Once you finish picking which shows/movies you want to Autotune to, if you have selected more than one, it will create a "My Library" section at the very bottom of the Features Bar. This will display the shows/movies you have selected to Autotune to. You can carry on watching TV and not have to worry about losing track of time, as Autotune will take you to your show when it's time to start.

By default, your Autotune will switch to the show at the start time, but you can adjust this to occur earlier. From the Features Bar, go to your "Profile">> "Preferences">> "PIN." Press "OK" in the Autotune alert area to make your selection, then submit.

Note: You can set your Autotune to a maximum of 5 minutes before the show starts.

You no longer have to scroll through the channel guide to find what you would like to watch. Instead, we have designed a categories option in the Features Bar for easy navigation of channels. There you will find categories like News, Networks, Sports, Kids, Movies, and more. Pick a category that you love, and then select one of the channels within that section.

To rewind (if available on the show), press the Left Navigation button on your remote. To fast forward (if available on the show), press the Right Navigation button. Once you have reached the desired time slot, press the Play button to resume your TV show.

If you press the "INFO" button while you're watching Live TV, it will bring up quick details about the show. Press "INFO" a second time to bring up the full details to show program details that can include Show Episodes, Restart, Record, record series options.

Yes, while the majority of the InfiniTV programming is in HD, you can still enjoy a few SD channels, as well.

Get what you want, when you want. You can access TV On Demand or Movies On Demand, and more with our On Demand sections. On the feature bar of the InfiniTV app, make your selection from the list of On Demand options. The format will be laid out with poster art and have different subject titles such as "Global On Demand," "CTV On Demand," and "Family On Demand."

Note, you can also press the "On Demand" button on your remote to view this screen.

Search programming by selecting “Search” in the Features Bar. You can also press the yellow “A” button on your remote control. Enter text to search the show, movie, or actor/actress name you are looking for and select “OK.” Options from your EPG (Electronic Program Guide), VOD (Video On Demand) and your PVR (Digital Video Recorder) recordings will automatically populate. Once you find the program you’re searching for, select it and press “OK.” Options to “Play”, “Record Series” and similar titles will appear.

  1. On the Features Bar on the left-hand side, scroll down to your profile name and select "Users."
  2. Use the arrow button to go down the "Add" button and press "OK."
  3. Enter your information in the following fields. New Login (Name of profile using numbers), New Password, Confirm Password, New User PIN, Confirm User PIN, Allowance amount (if desired), NOTE: TV Caller ID is unavailable. Lastly, enter your master PIN, then "OK."
  4. You will now be asked to set up parental controls for this user. If there are none, don't change anything and select "Submit." Please refer to the parental settings section of this guide.

NOTE: If there is a period of inactivity, the dialogue box will time out and go out of the settings menu.

You can have six different user profiles at once on your Westman InfiniTV account. You can also edit your user profile at any time!

PIN codes are automatically set as default PIN 1234 until the user changes it. If you would like to change your PIN:

  1. Scroll down to profile
  2. Select Users
  3. Edit current users, or add new
    • Edit user, enter current PIN (default 1234)
    • New PIN/Confirm PIN must match
    • New PIN/Confirm PIN must match
    • Submit

Use parental controls to restrict what programming can be viewed based on content *ratings and warnings. When parental controls are enabled, restricted content cannot be viewed. You can set different parental levels on each sub-account. Only the master (main) account can enable or disable parental controls using the master PIN. When following these instructions, the "OK" button also means "OK/SEL."

Enable Parental Controls

  1. Go to the "Features Bar" by pressing the "Settings/Menu" button on your remote control and press the down arrow to select your profile.
  2. Select "Users" and press "OK."
  3. Enter your PIN, then press "OK."
  4. Highlight the user you want to control and press "OK."
  5. Navigate down and highlight the "Parental Control" box and press "OK."

    Then select

    "Parental Controls." Select your choice(s) for the following and press the "OK" button.

    • Movie rating
    • TV rating
    • Allowance
  6. When you are done, press "OK" on the "Submit" button.
  7. To disable parental controls, you need to be in the master profile, repeat steps 1 - 7, and select disable "Parental Controls."

Set Allowance For PPV

To adjust a user's allowance, go through steps 1-4, then, when you have the user selected, use the arrow key to select “Edit” You will need to enter a "New Password" and "Confirm Password" Go to the “Allowance” field and enter the max amount you will allow this user to spend (per month), enter your PIN in that area, then “Submit.”


When a channel is locked, the parental controls password must be entered to view the channel. You can lock specific channels or all channels.

No, there is no caller ID display on your InfiniTV box.

Contact our Technical Support Team at 204.725.4300 or 1.800.665.3337

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