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Slow Internet

Experiencing slowness in loading web pages and lengthy download times. Let's see if we can understand why this is happening.

  1. Reasons this may be occurring:
    • Multiple people using bandwidth hungry applications (Netflix) on the same network at the same time.
    • Multiple downloads happening behind the scenes.
    • Malware on users computer.
  2. Please run a speed test on the affected device
  3. If the speeds aren't what they should be for your Internet plan, please run a speed test on a wired device and see what results you get (Given the variability of a wireless connection, Westman cannot guarantee your speed results when wireless is used. Wired connections give more stable speed measurements)
  4. If the wired speeds are fine, here are some things that can help with your wireless connection.

  5. If speeds have not improved, try running tests at different times of the day and give our local support desk a call.


Please see the following links for more information:

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