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How To Read Your Bill

Page 1

  1. Customer Information - Here you’ll find important news and information about your account, new products, services, billing changes or updates, promotions, meetings, etc. If there is no message to pass on to you, this area will remain blank.
  2. What’s happening - useful information on getting even more value with Westman.
  3. Your Name and Account Number.
  4. How To Contact Us - Our website, local phone number and toll free number.
  5. Account Summary - Includes charges and credits for this bill as well as an itemization of monthly services and payments made. Also the total balance due and payment due date.
  6. Detachable account summary - For payment purposes, please return this tear-off portion if payment is being made by mail or at a financial institution.


Page 2

  1. Account Details - Includes billing period, an itemization of monthly services, and payments made. This section will list all the services you subscribe to and your charges for those services during the current billing period. The Cable/Digital charges will include digital terminal rentals, On Demand and Pay-Per-View charges if applicable.
  2. Customer information - Your name and account number are repeated from the first page.
  3. How To Contact Us - Westman’s contact information which includes Office and Helpdesk hours, phone and fax numbers, email and website addresses. 
  4. Payment Methods - There are many convenient ways to pay your Westman bill.
  5. Paperless billing instructions.


Not a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) customer yet? Save time, postage, and gas costs! Set up PAD on your account using the below form and the amount due will be withdrawn directly from your bank account each month.



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