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Moving and Transferring Your Westman Services

If you need to transfer your westman services, or temporarily disconnect them,  read below to find out how.


We're here to help you with any customer service questions you may have.

Transfer Services (to a new address)

To quickly and easily transfer your Westman services to a new address:

  1. Call 204-725-4300 or 1-800-665-3337.

  2. Tell us your new address and the date that you are moving in. Please give us as much notice as possible to ensure your services are ready on your moving date.

  3. We will place a disconnection order for your current services and transfer all account information and services to your new address.

  4. You can also set up an installation appointment, if any of your Westman services need to be installed at your new location.


Transfer Services (to another person)

If you no longer wish to be financially responsible for your Westman services, and another person is willing to take on the responsibility/liability, we can perform a Transfer of Responsibility for your Westman services.

First, we need your permission (the current subscriber) for someone else to take over responsibility for the Westman services, and your bill must be paid in full and up-to-date. The person taking over must also open an account with us, so we need their details. These include:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • place of employment
  • date of birth and two pieces of government-issued ID
  • name and phone number of the landlord (if renting)
  • alternate contact (full name and phone number)
  • full name of anyone else to be authorized for making changes/inquiries.

We would also need to know if the person wishes to add any Westman services to the account.

Please note that your account number will also change.

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