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10-Digit Dialing

Staring on July 29, 2012, you will have to dial the area code and the phone number,
10 digits in total - for any local call.

This will not apply to 911 (emergency services), 611 (Westman Technical Support) or 411 (information directory).
Long distance calling will remain the same: 1+ areacode + number.

Also, Manitoba is running low on phone numbers that begin with our 204 area code so the province will get an additional area code of 431.

If you already have a phone number with area code 204, your number won’t change. New phone numbers will be assigned either area code 204 or 431, depending on availability.
Starting on July 29 2012, if you forget to dial the area code for a local call, you will hear a recording reminding you to dial 204 and the seven-digit phone number before the call is connected.
As of October 2012, if you don’t dial the area code before the local number, your call will not be connected.

The introduction of a new area code for Manitoba is the decision of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), to cope with demand resulting from new wireless phones and other communication devices. For more information, please refer to the dial10.ca website.

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