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How to Access Your Westman Email Remotely


One way to access your Westman email remotely is to simply go to https://myaccount.westmancom.com/webmail/src/login.php

You can also send and receive email from anywhere using Westman Webmail. Simply sign in with your @wcgwave.ca username and password.

If you travel with your computer, you can use Remote POP access to download on an Internet connection other than your Westman Internet. You can use this to access your @wcgwave.ca email on your mobile devices.

To enable Remote POP access, you must change which incoming server your email program checks. Please modify your Incoming Mail server setting to "pop.wcgwave.ca".

To send mail, you must use the outgoing mail server settings of the Internet connection you are using. You cannot use Westman's outgoing server when not on a Westman Internet connection.

Note: You will need to change your server settings back when you reconnect your computer to your Westman Internet at home.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact your mobile service provider.

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