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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding Westman PRISM.

PRISM is truly a whole home entertainment service provided by Westman. PRISM features a whole-home DVR service that allows you to record up to 6 programs at once and watch them on any TV in your home. PRISM also replaces any current hardware you may have for your Westman Internet and Home Phone services. With PRISM you can manage your TV recordings through your TV or online, you can wirelessly connect to the Internet from anywhere in your home and you can stream content such as music, home movies and photos from your computer to your TV.

You will receive 1 PRISM Gateway and 1 PRISM Media Player with the standard bundle. You can have as many Media Players in your home that you need; a remote control will be provided with each Media Player. The PRISM Gateway is a shared DVR, not a receiver and there will have to be a Media Player connected to each TV.

Whole-home DVR (Digital Video Recorder) means that regardless of where a recording originated in your home, you can access and manage all of your recorded programming from any Media Player in your home.

With a 500 gigabyte hard drive, you can record up to 300 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD programming. If you want more, you can connect an external hard drive for additional storage.

You will have access to up to 14 days of programming data.

You will be able to record up to 6 shows at once while watching up to 6 live or previously recorded shows.

The Smart Menu is easy to use and features integrated search options and customizable channel lists. The horizontal design of the Smart Menu allows you to easily move to different categories and features. Search for programs across live or recorded TV and on VOD or select one of the filter cards to search within a specific type of programming. Parental controls are readily available and you will have access to Westman VOD, recorded TV, SuperTicker and more.

Yes, if you prefer the traditional grid-style guide, it's easily accessible with the click of the "Grid" (red "C") button on the remote control or by going to the Settings option in the Smart Menu.

Mini TV will display in the top right corner of your TV screen and will let you keep an eye on your current program while you are browsing the Smart Menu.

The PRISM Gateway makes navigating the channel guide easy. Press Menu on your Westman Remote. Use the arrows on your Westman Remote to scroll left or right to find the category that interests you movies, news, sports, kids or favourites.

Hold the up or down buttons to speed up scrolling through the channels and explore the intuitive search function to find specific programs.

The PRISM Gateway is very intuitive. The Channel Guide lets you search by title, keyword or category. The results will show you what's currently on, what's coming soon, what is available on Westman Video On Demand, Pay Per View programming and programs you have recorded. Current shows are in blue and future shows are in grey.

Here are step-by-step instructions for using Search:

By title or keyword

  1. From the Search menu, select Search By Title or Search by Keyword.
  2. Enter characters from the letter pad on the right, using your Westman Remote's arrow buttons to navigate the alphabet. You can also tap the alphabetized number pad to enter in your search � just like on your cell phone.
  3. The list on the left filters as you key in letters. Select a program from the list at any time.

By category

  1. From the Search menu, select Search By Category.
  2. Select the category that interests you and view a list of each show airing over the next 24 hours of programming in that category.
  3. Select a program or press OK to see more, which takes you to a screen with subcategories.

You can set up filters for your Channel Guide's search to remove TV recordings, TV programs and Westman Video On Demand.

Here are some step-by-step instructions

  1. From the Search menu, select Search Options
  2. Choose which type of content you wish to filter out of your content: TV recordings, TV programs or Westman Video On Demand.
  3. Press OK.

Video On Demand can be accessed by selecting the VOD button. It's the Blue square button with the letter B in it at the top of your remote or you can select the VOD card on the Smart Menu. You can access VOD on every TV in your house that is connected to a PRISM Media Player and programs ordered on one connected TV can be accessed on another connected TV by selecting "My Rentals" in the VOD card.

Westman Video On Demand is fully integrated into the Westman Gateway Experience's Channel Guide. That makes it easy to find and easy to order from the thousands of movie and TV titles.

Select the Westman Video On Demand from the main menu or press the VOD button on your remote and you'll see a list of categories. When you select each section, the available titles will appear in the preview panel.

Press OK to view that section or, to browse the entire movie library, press OK with Movies selected.

To Order:

  1. Select a program from the library and press OK.
  2. If this is your first VOD purchase, you will be prompted to create a PIN that you will need to enter before you make additional purchases. You can turn this prompt off in the Parental Controls section of Settings.
  3. You can now watch your purchased program.

Using the Smart Menu, the Pay Per View channels are listed on the Channel Listings card but may also appear under a genre card such as Movies or Sports depending on what is playing on that PPV channel at the specific time you are searching.

You can access and set Parental Controls using your remote control and Smart Menu by going to the Settings card and selecting Parental Controls. You will need to create a PIN the first time you use this feature (see below for instructions). This feature will allow you to block programs by channel or by TV/ movie ratings. You can also block certain On Demand channels or programs using the same process as above. You can even lock out individual shows, including recorded programs, or set a PIN prompt before any Westman Video On Demand or Pay Per View purchase.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating and changing your PIN

Creating Your PIN

  1. In the Settings category, scroll to Parental Controls and press OK.
  2. Press the numbers on your Westman Remote to enter a four-digit PIN and then re-enter the PIN to confirm your choice.
  3. Select Close.

Changing Your PIN

  1. In the Settings category, scroll to Parental Controls and press OK.
  2. Choose Settings, use the left arrow to scroll left to the Change PIN card and press OK.
  3. Enter your old PIN, then enter your new PIN twice.
  4. Select Close.

Note: After changing your PIN, you must reset all Parental Controls.

The SuperTicker is a news and information service that you can choose to have displayed at the bottom of your TV screen while watching your regular programming. The SuperTicker is accessed by going to the horizontal menu.

Customers that have Westman Home Phone will get Free TV Caller ID, an enhanced feature that can store up to 49 calls. Calls from repeat callers will display as separate calls

Yes. The PRISM Gateway is Wi-Fi enabled so with your Westman Internet Service, you will be able to wirelessly access the Internet in your home.

PRISM will have 10-15 games available through the Games card on the Smart Menu. Games will include Solitaire, Blackjack, Slot Machine, Video Poker, Mahjong, Bowling and more.

Yes, using your remote and the Smart Menu you will be able to tailor the channel guide to display only the channels you want to watch and hide the ones that don't interest to you.

Our friendly, local Technical Support Representatives would be happy to help you, whatever your question or concern regarding our services.

Technical Support Representatives are available 7:00 a.m. to midnight, every day; call them at 204-725-4300 or toll free 1-800-665-3337.


Professional installation is required for the initial install of your PRISM Gateway. The service is complimentary. Order your PRISM Gateway by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives at 204-725-4300.

Your Favourites list gives you easy access to the channels you watch most often. Build your list using the Channels view or through other TV filters such as HD, Sports or Kids. Any channels you've blocked using parental controls cannot be added to your Favourites list until you unblock them.

To add a channel to your Favourites list, press INFO with that item selected and then Add the item to Favourites.

Delete a channel from your Favourites by selecting it and choosing Remove from Favourites from the action menu. Or just press CLEAR on your Westman Remote when in the Favourites list.

Completely clear the Favourites list by selecting Options and then Clear All from the action menu

Yes, you can rewind live TV. The PRISM Gateway is equipped with a memory buffer that stores up to a half-hour of a standard-definition program or 10 minutes of a high-definition program when you start watching.

Hit rewind or replay on your Westman Remote to go back in the stored memory.

The PRISM Gateway makes it easy to record a program or series. Find the program in the Gateway's Channel Guide, highlight it and press record on your Westman Remote. You will then get to choose if you want to record a single episode or the entire series. A red dot will appear next to the program title to indicate your program will record.

Your DVR recordings are easy to find on the Westman Gateway Experience. To access anything you've recorded, press the DVR button on your Westman Remote. It's the Yellow triangle with the letter A in it at the top of your remote.

Choose from the list using the arrow buttons on your remote's keypad and press OK.

You can also locate all your recorded programs by finding the Recorded TV folder on the Gateway's Channel Guide.

Absolutely! You can skip commercials two ways on the PRISM Gateway. On your Westman Remote, you can either use the fast-forward button or hit the Skip button to advance 30 seconds. You can customize the advance time to 3, 5 or 15 minutes of the Settings menu if you prefer.

Use your Westman Remote to control every function of your PRISM Gateway. Consult the Quick User Guide for a more detailed look.

Here are the highlights of the buttons on your Westman Remote:

MENU: Access the Channel Guide. As you go further into each individual menu, you can use this button to return one step at a time toward the main menu.

PLAY: Begins playing the TV program highlighted. Also allows you to view the show where you last left off after pausing and moving to another Total Home Portal.

SKIP: Skips forward in your program. Define the amount of skipped time in Settings.

REPLAY: Rewinds any program seven seconds.

REW: Rewind live programming or recorded content to review. Press it up to three times to increase the rewind speed.

FWD: Advance forward in your recorded programming. Press it up to three times to increase the fast-forward speed.

RECORD: One-touch recording while watching a program or to record a program highlighted in the Guide.

STOP: Exits out of a recorded show or stops a recording in progress if you're watching that show in full screen.

PAUSE: It will Pause the live or recorded program you are watching.

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