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Yes! Here is a manual to assist with any questions on how to use your DVR and the i-Guide.

Link: Using your DVR with the i-Guide.

As long as the program is being broadcast in digital audio, the DVR will record the digital audio portion. A Dolby Digital indicator will appear on the Flip Bar for programs that are broadcast in Dolby Audio.
There is no limit to the number of recordings you can schedule as long as you do not schedule numerous programs to record at the same time and you have available recording space.
Yes, through the Series Recording feature, your DVR can record an entire TV series. You can also specify your preferences for whether or not it records new episodes only or repeats. When you set a recording from the Series Program Information screen, choose the "Create a Series Recording" icon to specify your recording options. Then set the DVR to record only new (first run) episodes, first run episodes and repeats, or all episodes.
Yes. Parental Locks restrict viewing of recorded programs. If you schedule a recording for a program you have "Locked", the program will be recorded, however audio is muted and no video will appear while the program is recording. A restricted notice will appear allowing you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to view the program during recording.
Press the LIVE button (if available). Or you can FAST FORWARD to the point of live programming. The on-screen indicator will display "LIVE".
Video On Demand (VOD) is a fully interactive service that allows you to browse and order selections from a huge library of titles and watch the selections you choose as many times as you like within a 24-48 hour period (depending on the movie) from the comfort and convenience of home.  Most VOD moves are 48 hour rentals.
Digital cable subscribers typically access Video On Demand (VOD) Via the Quick Menu by pressing Menu on the remote, then selecting the Video On Demand (VOD) icon (3rd from the left) and pressing OK/Select. At this point subscribers can browse the Video On Demand (VOD) menu.
Unfortunately, you cannot record your Video On Demand (VOD) selections using a DVR.

"SRM-8001 or SRM-8012"

Usually the corrective action for this message is to simply try again in a few minutes.



This error message is an indication that the purchase of Video On Demand (VOD) selections has been disabled due to billing issues such as an outstanding balance.

No VHS tape, DVD, VCR, or DVD player is required. You don't have to worry about driving to the video store or about returning the move or about the movie not being available because it's already rented or late fees. The Video On Demand (VOD) movie you select is always available, you get 24 hours to watch the movie as many times as you want, and there are no late fees with Video On Demand (VOD).
All that is required is Westman's Digital TV service.  Some sections of VOD (such as “The Movie Network”, and “Super Chanel”) require a subscription to the appropriate channel.
The cost is comparable to what you would pay in a video store. Westman Video On Demand (VOD) also features several free selections, including Global TV programs, so you can catch up on your favourite primetime shows.
New selections are added weekly. The movie studios provide their shows and content so some may only be available for a limited amount of time, others maybe a month or longer. To check Westman's Video On Demand (VOD) library for current selections, just press the Video On Demand (VOD) button on your remote or go to the Video On Demand (VOD) menu.
No, You can watch the same or two different VOD movie's at the same time.

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