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TiVo Remote
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TiVo Remote

PRISM Netflix Experience

PRISM Standard
Remote Control

PRISM Fusion
Remote Control

Champion 2025
Remote Control

UR3-SR4 Large Button
Remote Control

Atlas DVR 1054
Remote Control

Millennium 4 3046
Remote Control

Atlas DVR 1056
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Remote Control





My Legacy Remote (non-TiVo) isn't working (Remote Programming / TV Codes):

The remote may be set to the wrong function mode (TV instead of CBL). Press the CBL button on the remote to connect to your Digital Box.

Your remote works by transmitting instructions via infrared light, which means the path between the remote control and your Digital Box must be clear. If there are any obstructions between the remote control and the Digital Box (set-top box), please remove them and try it again.

If your remote still isn't functional, ensure the batteries are inserted correctly or install new ones.

Another solution is to reset your Digital Box to activate Auto-Tune, a feature that allows your receiver to change channels automatically.

Follow These Steps

  1. Press the Settings button twice on your remote to go to the Main Menu.
  2. Select Setup and press OK.
  3. Select Guide Setup and press OK.
  4. Channel Entry Behaviour and use the right arrow to change to Auto-Tune.

If you continue to experience complications, please try resetting your Digital Box by disconnecting the power for a minute and then reconnecting it. When this is complete, try your remote control again to see if it's working.

If your remote control is working with the Digital Box but not with your other devices, try programming it according to our remote-control user guide. Click on your remote control model above:




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