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Export Email Contacts from MTS Webmail to MagicMail

Export Your MTS Contacts 


1. Sign into your MTS account 

2. Go to Preferences 

3. Click on Import / Export 

4. Choose contacts and in the drop-down menu choose “Windows Live Contacts” 

5. Click Source and ensure you have chosen “Contacts” 

6. Click Export 


Importing Contacts to MagicMail 


1. Log into your MagicMail account 

2. Go to Addresses 

3. Click Import 

4. Choose the file you saved above  

5. Change the Input Character Set to UTF-8 

6.Click Import CSV file 

7.  On the next screen click the drop-down menu above the fields that are filled in (ex. Drop down the box over first name and choose first name from the list.)  Do this for all fields that are filled in (in my case this was first name, last name and email.  You may need to scroll way over to see the email feild) 

8. Click import for the final time 

9. Go back to your addresses and verify they are now there. 


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