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Setting up Call Features

How to Set Up Call Block

  1. This free service is provided to block specific numbers that you don't want to receive calls from. When they call from a number that you have blocked they will get a message saying that you are not taking calls from this number at this time.
  2. To set this up dial *60 on your Westman home phone. Wait through the 2-3 second delay, and then follow the prompts. You can add up to 10 numbers to your blocked list. Make sure that you use the full 10 digit phone number (the phone number including the 3 digit area code).
  3. If you have any trouble with this please contact our local support desk via phone, chat or email.

Can't Call Certain Individuals

  1. First take note of what error message you are getting when you call the individual. This will come in handy if you need to contact our help desk.
  2. If possible try calling the number from a cell phone or home phone that is with another provider (MTS for example).
  3. If you are unable to reach them with a phone from another provider there may be a problem on the end of the person you are calling. Try to reach out to them via email or some other online method and get them to check if there are any problems with their own phone or service.
  4. 4If you can get a hold of them with a phone from another provider please contact our local support desk via phone, chat or email.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding

  1. This is another service provided at no extra cost to our customers. Setting up call forwarding will redirect all incoming phone calls from your home phone to another phone number.
  2. To activate, press *72 on your home phone and then wait for a confirmation tone.
  3. Dial the number to where calls should be forwarded.
  4. If you want to deactivate this feature dial *73 from your Westman home phone and wait for the confirmation tone.

Setting Up Your Voicemail

  1. First time sign-in and set up can be done in 3 easy steps: first you must create your own PIN (Personal Identification Number), then you will record your recorded name, then finally you will create a greeting to play for callers before they leave a message.
  2. To start, press *99 from your Westman home phone. Listen to the recorded instructions and follow the set-up prompts.
  3. A PIN must be created for your account security. A prompt will ask you to enter your desired PIN and will tell you the length of PIN allowed. Confirm your PIN by re-entering it and pressing #.
  4. Next, record your name. This will be used for system generated announcements (i.e. greeting callers or when you leave a message for others). When you have finished recording your name press #. If you want to re-record it, press 1. Then press # when you want to keep the recorded name.
  5. Finally, you will be prompted to select a greeting. You have a few options to choose from:
    • -Press 1 to record your own personal greeting.
    • -Press 2 to use a system-generated greeting that announces your recorded name.
    • -Press 3 to use a system-generated greeting that reads out your phone number.
    • -Press 4 to use a system-generated greeting that neither announces your name nor reads out your phone number.
  6. An announcement will play back your chosen personal greeting. If you would like to change it press 1. Press # to save it and use it as your greeting.

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