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We are excited to inform you that we are giving you more time to upgrade to the new TiVo experience if you haven’t already. You now have until Feb 5, 2019 (Instead of January 15, 2019) to do the upgrade before a mandatory automatic upgrade occurs.
Note, you should not lose any of your previous settings and recordings after the upgrade. For example, if you had a OnePass for “Criminal Minds”, your OnePass option will not change.
How to update your main TiVo box manually.

This upgrade will be sent automatically to your main TiVo box on February 5, 2019. To upgrade to the new TiVo experience now, please follow these steps.


1. From Apps, scroll to highlight Get New Experience, press Select on your remote to launch the upgrade.

2. Press Select to choose Upgrade Now.


3. Press Select on Continue to Upgrade.

4. To Confirm the Upgrade, press  on your remote three (3) times then press Select.

5. Once you’ve entered all the information, you will see the below screen showing the upgrade has been initiated.

6. Once the upgrade has been initiated, you will see the below screen. If you choose, you can select to go back to Live TV so you can continue to enjoy your shows while still performing the upgrade in the background. If you choose to leave the below screen running, the app will automatically close when the upgrade is complete.

7. Once the upgrade is complete, press the Select button on your remote to Continue when the option comes up.

8. Your TiVo will not launch to the new experience immediately. Your box will schedule to reboot between 1 am – 3 am, after which the new experience will become available. Your new screen will look like this after the reboot.


How to upgrade your TiVo Mini.


1) When your main PVR is upgraded in the house, the Upgrade will automatically pop up for each Mini.

2) Select the Upgrade option on the screen to upgrade the Mini.

(The Upgrade option will keep appearing for the TiVo Mini until an action is taken to upgrade it to the new TiVo Experience).

If you do not to upgrade your main TiVo box manually, your box will automatically upgrade on February 5, 2019
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