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My Phone is Crackly

No worries, let's see if we can fix this together so you can get you back to talking to your favorite family member or friend.

  1. First take a look and verify that there are no loose or damaged cord connections from your phone base to the wall or from your phone modem /gateway to the wall (coax) or power. If any cords are loose, tighten them up. If any are damaged, swap them out for a new cord.
  2. Power cycle the phone base by unplugging it from power for 20 seconds, then plugging it back in to power. If you have a phone modem, do the same with it.
  3. If crackling persists check any other phones you have to see if they are also crackly. If only the one phone is crackly it may be the phone itself. Try another phone in the same spot as this one to confirm if it is the phone or the connections to this particular spot.
  4. If these steps do not restore your dial tone please contact our local support desk via phone, chat or email.

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