Call Before You Dig

Before you start to dig, even a small job, you need to submit a plan to Westman and other utility providers or click here to submit a request online.

Plan Ahead!

If you're planning any project that involved digging a hole for any reason, please play it safe and contact us first. Whether or not you're digging with a shovel, or an auger to build a fence or just planting trees
and shrubs, you are at risk of cutting into an underground service such as gas, power, water, sewer and communication lines. So remember that if you are planning on disturbing the ground for any reason, regardless of the depth, please contact us first.

If you call before you dig, you can prevent:

  • personal injury (or even death)
  • environmental pollution
  • service outages
  • equipment damage
  • costly repairs.

Please submit your request at least one week ahead to book your appointment.


Westman Communications Group only locates facilities that it owns and has no knowledge of or responsibility for other facilities. Outbuildings that are heated or have electrical power, wells, septic system pumps and hot tubs are some examples where privately-owned buried facilities may exist.

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