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One Moment Please Error is on my Screen

No worries, let's see if we can fix this together so you can get you back to enjoying your favorite TV show.

  1. First, let's confirm that all cords are connected correctly and that none of them are loose or damaged. There should be a coaxial cord going from the wall or splitter to the port labeled "RF IN" on the back of your cable box. Please ensure it is screwed on tightly.
  2. Next, there should also be a cord (coaxial, component, or HDMI) that connects your cable box to your TV. Make sure that these cables are all security connected to both your TV and your cable box.
    • Ensure that the device is plugged into power (multiple lights should be on)
  3. Lastly a cord should go from your box to a power outlet or bar.
  4. Unplug power to your cable box, by unplugging the power cord for approximately 20 seconds, then plug it back in.
  5. If the "One Moment Please" error persists please note which specific channels are presenting the error and if you have multiple boxes in your residence please take a look and see if the error message is present on those boxes.
    • Once you have this information, please contact our local support desk via phone, chat or email.
    • The information gathered above helps our technician's assess your issue and provide the appropriate fix. Whether that be over the phone through chat or by having a service technician visit your residence.

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