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Email Scam Alert (Login to Re-Validate your mailbox)

Westman Communications Group is aware of phishing emails about re-validating your email account being circulating encouraging you to provide personal information pertaining to your WCG account. If you received the email, please delete it immediately. Do not click through and do not provide your personal information as the email did not originate from us.

For more information please call support at 1.800.665.3337 ext. 2802.

Below is the most recent example:


Subject: ‏‏ [IMPORTANT]: Action Required!
To: youremail@wcgwave.ca

Hello yourname,There was an ‏‏i‏‏s‏‏s‏‏u‏‏e‏‏ with your  ‏‏M‏‏a‏‏i‏‏l‏‏
Ac‏‏c‏‏o‏‏rd‏‏ing to our rec‏‏o‏‏rds your ‏‏a‏‏c‏‏c‏‏o‏‏unt is set to be currently
‏‏o‏‏u‏‏tda‏‏ted and ex‏‏c‏‏e‏‏e‏‏ded it ‏‏l‏‏i‏‏m‏‏i‏‏ts.To ‏‏a‏‏v‏‏o‏‏id
d‏‏is‏‏con‏‏ne‏‏c‏‏tion, p‏‏l‏‏ea‏‏s‏‏e u‏‏p‏‏da‏‏te your a‏‏c‏‏c‏‏o‏‏unt
i‏‏nf‏‏or‏‏ma‏‏t‏‏ion to be able to u‏‏pg‏‏r‏‏ade your a‏‏c‏‏c‏‏o‏‏unt.PLEASE LOG IN
 To re-validate your mailbox .Thank you for choosing us.This email is sent to:
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