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Closed Captioning

  1. Turn your TV on and make sure your Digital Cable Terminal (DCT) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is OFF. (Please note that these instructions will not work with the DCT 700. Instead, please refer to your TV manual as your TV may have Closed Captioning features).

  2. With your TV on and your DCT or DVR off, press Settings (once) on your remote control. It may take a few moments for the menu to show. If after 1 minute, nothing happens, press the CBL button first on your remote then press the Settings button. Make sure there is a direct line of site from the remote to the DCT or DVR.
  3. Use the directional pad on your remote to scroll down to Closed Caption.
  4. Press the right arrow on the remote directional pad to toggle between 'enabled' and 'disabled'. When 'enabled' is showing, the Closed Captioning feature is turned on. Closed Captioning features will now be available if you wish to adjust the font size, colour, etc.
  5. Now press the power button on your remote. It will take a few moments for the DCT to turn back on and show the Closed Captioning.

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